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Seminars in US, Muscat, Kuwait and India-2016

Dec 25-29, PYPA State Camp, Kottayam
Oct 6-8, Youth/Family Seminars, Kuwait
Oct 01, Family Seminars, Hartford, CT
Sep 25, Family Seminar, Chicago, IL
Sep 24, Prepare/Enrich Training, Chicago, IL
Sep 18, Parenting Seminars, NFC, Mumbai
Sep 17, Family Seminars, HOPE, Mumbai
Sep 12-13, National Conf., OPA, Muscat
Sep 10-11, Youth Conf., OPA, Muscat
Aug 5-7, BCA Family Retreat, Rumney, NH
Jul 29-31, IPC Family Conf. Ft Laurderdale, FL
Jul 15-17, MarThoma Diocesan Conf, Chicago, IL
Jun 30-July 3, PCNAK, Dallas, TX
Apr 21-23, IPC Leadership Conf., Dallas, TX
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Keys for Building a Strong Marriage

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Family and Leadership Seminars in Kuwait and India

BOSTON, MA, October 2, 2015:  Agape Partners International (API), conducting its ninth “Family and Leadership Seminar Series” from October 20 to November 2. The main purposes of this short term trip are to conduct leadership, family, marriage, and youth seminars in various cities in Kuwait and India including  Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Thrissure, Cheruvakal, Kotttayam and Mumbai.  For additional info please contact us at

Kuwait- Indian Central School, Abbasiya
Oct 22, Thu 6pm-9PM:Family Seminar
Oct 23, Fri 10AM-12:30PM - Youth Seminar
Oct 23, Fri 3PM-5:30PM - Teachers Seminar
Oct 24, Sat 8:30AM-10:30AM - Youth Seminar
Oct 24, Sat  11AM-1PM - Teachers Seminar
Oct 24, Sat 2PM-8PM - Prepare & Enrich Certification
Oct 25, Sun 10AM-1PM - AG Revival Centre
Oct 25, Sun 6PM-8PM - Leadership Seminar*
Oct 26, Mon 10AM-4PM - Leadership Seminar, AMSRI Shamira Complex
Oct 26, Mon 7PM-9PM    Family Seminar*
Oct 27, Tue 9AM-10AM, Amrita University
Oct 27, Tue 2PM-5PM  Bethany Medical Centre

Oct 28, Wed 9:30AM-4PM- Leadership and Counseling,  ESAF
Oct 28, Wed 7PM-9PM - Family Seminar, ESAF
Cheruvakal - Oct 29, Thu 9:30AM-1PM    Leadership and Counseling, NLS
Kottayam- Oct 30, Fri 9:30AM-4PM    Prepare & Enrich Certification Seminar, IPCKTS
Oct 31, Sat 10AM-1PM  -Youth & Family Seminar, Tex Center, Andheri E.
Oct 31, Sat 3PM-5PM - Family Seminar, New Life Fellowship International
Oct 31, Sat 7PM-9PM-Youth & Family Seminar, Tex Center, Andheri E.
Nov 1, Sun 10AM-1PM-New Life Fellowship International
Nov 1, Sun 7PM-9PM-Family Seminar, New Life Fellowship, Chembur
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Indian Family Seminar in Natick, MA

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API Online Counseling Course staring in August

Are you looking for a counseling course to help you progress in your community? API’s most popular online course in Counseling starting in August 2015.  This program is designed to introduce important concepts in Counseling as well as demonstrate how to apply them in real life situations. It will allow participants to learn more about counseling from a spiritual perspective, equipping them to work in the counseling fields of lay ministry especially among the South Asian community. In the first three years since its launch, over 250 community leaders, counselors, youth mentors have received this valuable training from different parts of the world.  Flyer

Course at a Glance
  • Affordable and convenient online program
  • 12 online lectures of one hour duration (1 lecture per week in English)
  • 12 hours of interactive teaching, discussion, Q&A, practicum, and a case study.
  • Lectures on Secular vs. faith based counseling, principles, methods, and some of the major problems facing individuals and community today such as Stress, Depression, Addiction etc.
  • Registration is open now; Click here for online course registration
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CAPS International Conference in Denver, CO

The 2015 CAPS International Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado, at the Omni Interlocken Resort & Spa from April 9-11, 2015. The purpose of this conference is to bring students, professors, clinicians, researchers and pastors together in order to promote the relationships amongst the behavioral sciences, counseling practices and Christian faith. We attract professionals from the United States, Canada and several other Countries around the world. To register online, click HERE.
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API Seminar Series

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API Eight Mission Trip Highlights

Agape Partners conducted its eight mission trip from January 22 to February 8, 2015.  It covered Trivandrum, Thiruvalla, Mumbai,  Kuwait and Duba. The highlights of the mission trip included,  Counseling Seminars, Prepare and Enrich Certification Training, youth marriage and parenting seminars in the above cities. These events were organized in partnership with various organizations such as YMCA, Colleges, churches, and community organizations.

Many families around the world living in the most difficult times. I can hear over and over is voices of hunger, pain, conflicts, misunderstanding, anxiety and depression, delusions and hallucinations. Mental health issues and counseling needs have grown significantly in India and across the world in the 21st century. I believe our faith, education, and research must address the mental health care needs facing humanity by incorporating both scientific and faith based perspectives and finding innovative and affordable ways to address these challenges. We have an unparalleled opportunity and potential to impact the lives of families experiencing depression, suicide, addiction, and family crisis situations by offering respectful, meaningful, and effective care , counseling and treatment. As a community we cannot ignore the suffering our brothers and sisters are facing.

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India Mission Tour 2015

BOSTON, MA, January 19, 2015:  Agape Partners International (API), conducting its eighth “India Mission Tour” from January 22 to February 8. The main purposes of this short term trip are to conduct leadership, family and marriage seminars in various cities in India including Trivandrum, Mumbai, Gujarat, Mulakazha, Kottayam, and Kuwait. Topics include: Family Challenges; Balanced Life:, managing stress and anger; Keys for a successful family life; Young Adults/Singles and Teens:  Premarital advice; Family as a Mission; Marriage enrichment for couples: communication and intimacy; *Individual/Couple counseling available between the breaks/evening by appointment.

TRIVANDRUM: Jan-25: 9am-11am; PHC, Pattom
MULAKAZHA: Jan-26: 9am-1 pm; Counseling  Seminar, MZBS
KOTTAYAM: Jan-27: 10am-5pm-7pm; Prepare & Enrich Seminar* IPCKT Seminary
CHERUVACKAL, Jan 8:10am-12pm; New Life Seminary Auditorium, Ayoor
MUMBAI: Jan 30: 10am-5pm;  Prepare & Enrich  Seminar*;  YMCA.
MUMBAI: Jan-31: 10am-4pm;  Facing Tomorrow, AG Comm Ctre, Chembur
MUMBAI: Jan-31: 7pm-9pm; Family Seminar;  Powai
GUJARAT: Feb-1-2: Family Seminar, Agape Bhavan
MUBAI: Feb –2: 2pm-4pm;  Become Smart and Good for the 21st Century,  Wilson College
KUWAIT: Feb-04: 9am-4pm; Prepare & Enrich, Lulu Exchange Bldg, Abbasiya
KUWAIT: Feb-04: 7pm-9pm;  Family Enrichment, The Lighthouse Church, NECK.
KUWAIT: Feb-05: 10am-9pm; Counseling Consultation,  Mahaboula
KUWAIT: Feb05: 7-9pm: Effective Parenting, KTMCC Hall, NECK
KUWAIT: Feb 06: 7am-9am: Challenges Facing our generation, SPC, Hall of Peace; #2, NECK
KUWAIT: 7-9pm: Balancing Work & Family, Lulu Exch., Abbasiya
DUBAI: Feb-07: 10am-9pm;  Family Seminar; Jebl-Ali
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Family Seminar in Mumbai

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Family Seminars and Conferences in 2014

December 19-21: Family Seminar, Harvest CoG, Dallas, TX.
December 13: Equipping the Leaders, ALCC Seminar, Cambridge, MA
November 16: IPC Hebron, Houston, TX.
September 28: Boston Unite Prayer, BCA, Boston, MA
August 8-10: Church Retreat, Tabernacle Church, Richmond, VA
July 24-27: Family Seminar, IPC Family Conference, Houston, TX
July 3-6: Family Seminar, PCNAK, Lansing, MI.
June 12-15: Family Camp, Minneapolis, MN.
April 3-5: CAPS International Conference, Atlanata, GA.
March 28-30: Sunday School Seminar, Philadelphia, PA
March 13-16: ICPF Regional Camp, Dallas, TX.
February 5: Couples' Enrichment Seminar, Kuwait
February 4: Prepare & Enrich Certification Seminar, Kuwait.
Feb 16-17-Gujarat, Agape Bhavan, Medical Camp, Seminars.
Feb 14-15-Gujarat, Fellowship Ashram, Leadership Seminar.
Feb 12-13-Dehradun, NTC, Family Seminar, Counseling as a Mission.
Feb 11-Mumbai, Nirmala Niketan, 38, New Marine Lines, Churchgate (East).
Feb 10--Mumbai, YMCA, Navi Mumbai, CBD Belapur, Counselors Training.
Feb 9-Mumbai, SEAL Ashram, Vangani Village, Nere, New Panvel.
Feb 8-Mumbai, Fusion Excel, CST Railway Station, Youth Seminar.
Feb 7-Mumbai, Boriveli, Family Seminar.
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Family Seminar, Chicago

Chicago, IL. A weekend seminar will be held on January 4-5 at the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, IL, and  Kananaya Catholic Church, Chicago  . This seminar offers insight and practical solutions dealing with youth issues from a Christian perspective. Dr. Thomas Idiculla will be the guest speaker.

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Family Seminars and Conferences

Jan 5 Family Seminar, Kananaya Catholic Parish, Chicago, IL
Jan 4 Christian Seminar, Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Chicago, IL
Dec 14, IPC Sunday School Seminar, Elmont, NY
Nov 23, Parenting Seminar, Nashua, NH
Nov 16, ICPF Marriage Seminar, Baltimore, MD
Oct 5, Family Seminar, Hamilton, Canada

Sep 21, Prepare-Enrich Seminar, New York

Sep 13-15, Church Retreat, Dallas, TX

Sep 11-13, AACC, Nashville, TN

Sep 8, Seminar, St. Mary's Church, Chicago

Sep 7, Prepare-Enrich Workshop, Chicago

Aug 25, Prepare&Enrich Workshop
Aug 23-24, Edmonton, Canada
Aug 8-11, EPC, Chicago, IL
July 28, Standing in the Gap, IIPGNE
Jul 18-21: AGIFNA, Hatford, CT
July 13, Integrity in Leadership, Waltham, MA
Jul 4-7, PCNAK, Hatford, CT
May 31-Jun 2,  ZPC, Danbury, CT
May 27, Marriage Mentor Group, Dallas
May 26, Prepare-Enrich, Dallas, TX
May 4, Marriage-Enrichment, Atlanta, GA
May 4, Christian Seminar, Atlanta, GA
Apr 20, CCF, Chicago, IL
Apr 4-6, CAPS, Portland, OR
Mar 22-23, Philadelphia, PA
Mar 8-10, Phoenix, AZ
Feb 24, Albany, NY
Jan 22-April 23 - API Counseling Training
Jan 24 -
Moral Challenges, Waltham, MA
Jan 12, ZPC, Danbury, CT
Jan 11-13 - Dallas, TX


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Occult Growing Among Teens

Recent surveys (Steve Wohlberg, White Horse Media) shows that a disturbing trend forming among teens who have become obsessed with the occult-focused Twilight movies; they are turning to real occult groups and even participating in bloodletting practices. The Twilight films have been growing in popularity since the one released in 2008. Wohlberg said, “The reality is that teens who are involved in mesmerizing entertainment that are saturated with occultism and making occultism look positive, there is just a lot of people who are getting lured into the real things, and that is a very dangerous trip. When kids experiment with these things, they open up a doorway to the demonic.” (Christian Post 11/13/12)
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Prepare-Enrich Seminar, Chicago

A certification workshop is designed to help Pastors/Counselors learn how to administer PREPARE/ENRICH, interpret couple’s reports, and provide feedback to premarital and marital couples will be held on Sep 7, 2013 at the Sharon Fellowship Church, 5404 67th St Kenosha, WI 53142.
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Prepare and Enrich Seminar in Edmonton

A certification workshop is designed to help Pastors/Counselors learn how to administer PREPARE/ENRICH, interpret couple’s reports, and provide feedback to premarital and marital couples will be held on Aug 25, 2013 at the Mclaurin Baptist Church, 11107-51 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.

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Inter-Generational Relationships in Immigrant Churches

Intercultural Ministries of EGC has invited three experts to discuss the topic on inter-generational relationships in ethnic churches: Rev. Tom Lee, English Pastor, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, Newton Campus; Thomas Idiculla, PhD, President, Agape Partners International; and Samuel Louis, Associate Pastor, Anointed Baptist Church. Rev. Dr. Gregg Detwiler guided the conversation through five sets of questions.

Question 1: Introduction and Framing the Issue: Why is it important to you to address this issue of inter-generational relationships in the church? What is it about this topic that has personally motivated you? Watch the video

Question 2: Challenges and Tensions Leading to the "Silent Exodus" Can you elaborate on the challenges and tensions that lead to such a "Silent Exodus"? How has your congregation addressed these challenges? Watch the video.

Questions 3: Honoring the First Generation: What are some appropriate ways for the second generation to honor the first generation? In what ways does the older generation need to set the younger generation free to lead in their own way from their own experiences? Watch the video.
Question 4: A Journey of Inter-generational Reconciliation: If a church wants to intentionally address the inter-generational challenges, what advice would you give? What are possible starting points to launch a journey of inter-generational reconciliation? Watch the video.
Question 5: The Future of Inter-generational Relationships in the Church: What do you hope to see for the future regarding inter-generational relationships in the Church? Watch the video.

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